13 November 2011

Not a cardigan but... well, a scarf, of course :)

In the previous post I said I only had half a sleeve to finish a cardigan. And I did finish it (at long last!) but you won't see any photos of it today because it is still in a sorry, unblocked state, waiting for its creator-cum-owner to find some time to wash it and block it and then find some more time to put it on and have it photographed by her husband-cum-personal photographer, who also has to find some free time to photograph it, preferably at the same time his wife has chosen to wear it and have it photographed. Which is going to be soon, I hope!

Meanwhile, another long-drawn-out project has finally been brought to an end. It's Wisp, a wonderfully delicate lace scarf, knit in amazingly soft Drops' Kid-Silk. A friend bought this yarn when she was in Manchester, UK but unfortunately, she bought only one skein. It was enough for a scarf but barely just so if you are planning to knit a Wisp in Kid-Silk, get two skeins.