31 May 2011


I recently won a fantastic giveaway hosted by ButtonMad. I won 5 gorgeous handmade buttons manufactured by Incomparable Buttons, a company giving employment to women in South Africa. Thank you, Incomparable Buttons!

13 May 2011


OK, maybe 'epiphany' is too strong a word but you know that moment of clarity when, after years of looking at an object, you suddenly realize its true nature. In a flash you see that the answer to your problems has been in front of you all the time without your knowing it. This is what happened to me two days ago when I looked at the plastic tube in which my husband keeps his angling floats. He's had it for years and years and I must have seen it hundreds of times. And then two days ago, it spoke to me and its true purpose was revealed!

I mean, just look at it! I know that you know what it's actually made for! :)

The depth is adjustable so it can accommodate everything from 40 to 70 cm (that's 16 to 28 inches) in length. Perfect, isn't it?

And that's how an unruly, disgraceful sheaf of knitting needles got a pretty neat box :)