14 June 2011

A sweater, a vest and a tee

I've been waiting long for these photos :)

Drops' jumper with a cable motif and 3/4 sleeves, knit in A.P.D.O.O. Superwash Sport, bought in Leo klupko in Zagreb last year. Thank you, Lorna, for sending me that one additional skein! I finished it back in December but the photos were crappy.

Then I got a most wonderful New Year's present from pckristina, 6 skeins of Unitas's Ana, which in January were transformed into a Lace Saddle Tee.

And for the end of this eloquent post, something I've wanted to make for a long time but couldn't find a suitable yarn. Until some friends said they were going to Sweden :))) Garnstudio, of course :) I ordered Drops' Nepal and finally made Bramblewood. The yarn is fantastic and just perfect for this pattern.

07 June 2011

Fishing gear, continued

Another piece of fishing equipment finds its way into my project bag :))) A retro-look fish counter turned row counter! And it can count up to 9999, lol! It must have been made with a lying fisherman in mind :D