28 May 2010

3 giljotinirane slike / 3 guillotined photos

Bila sam prilično zauzeta u poslednje vreme, ali ipak uspeh da ponešto završim.

It's been quite busy round here but I managed to finish some stuff.

Pattern: Honeycomb
Yarn: St. George's Extra 20
Needles: 3.5 mm

Odličan model prsluka, krojen u struku i vrlo dobro stoji čak i ako ne nosite veličinu XS. Mustra dosadi posle nekog vremena ali vredi izdržati. Zaista se tegli, kao što i piše u uputstvima, pa ga svakako napravite jedno 10 cm užim.

A great pattern for a vest, with some waist shaping, very flattering even if you are not size XS. It does get a bit tedious after a while but it's worth enduring. It does stretch so do make it about 10 cm narrower, as suggested in the instructions.

Pattern: Plain and Simple Pullover
Yarn: Phildar Preface
Needles: 2.5 mm

Bojala sam se da će, s obzirom na to da se radi iglama 2,5, ovo trajati čitavu večnost. Međutim, kad se danas setim (završila sam ga negde u martu), uopšte mi se ne čini da je dugo trajalo i rado bih ga ponovo štrikala. Prilično je zahvalno za plesti pošto samo do rukava treba uraditi 40 cm ravnim žersej bodom u krug (sve očice plesti pravo) na iglama 2,5 pa se može mnogo filmova/televizijskih emisija pogledati ili audio knjiga preslušati. Vrlo sam zadovoljna vunicom jer se rad posle pranja jako fino izravnao - čak sam dobila komplimente da izgleda kao da je mašinski pleten.

On 2.5 mm needles I was afraid it was going to take ages. But now, in retrospect (I finished it back in March), I don't have a recollection of it taking too long and I'd do it again any time. Quite rewarding knitting, both as a process, as you actually need to knit 40 cm of stockinette in the round on 2.5 needles - that makes for quite a lot of TV/movie/audio book listening time, but also rewarding as a result. Very pleased with the how the yarn 'bloomed' in the washing, evening out any loose stitches and producing a very smooth and uniform fabric.

Pattern: Drops' Jacket with double seed stich on yoke
Yarn: St. George's Cotton Cable
Needles: 3.5 and 4 mm

Džemper na kopčanje s podignutim strukom (ako ovo nije dobar termin, prosvetlite me) sa Dropsovog sajta, ispleten pamučnim koncem. Kroj je veoma dobar ali mi se ne dopada baš spoj rižinog boda (kojim je rađen gornji deo leđa i pređica) sa glatkim bodom rukava. Osim toga, toplo preporučujem.

An empire-waist (thanks, costumatty, for teaching me the term) cardigan by Drops, knit in cotton. It has a very good shape but I'm not pleased with the transition between the seed stitch of the front and back panels and the sleeves. Other than that, highly recommended.

21 May 2010

Torbe, ponovo / Bags, again

Here's finally some photos of two finished bags. The first one is Drops' 98-55, knit in Eskimo, finished ages ago but now with some matching lining.

And the second one is Drops' 106-37b, crocheted in Phildar's Tribord, made to match our new yacht ;) (but, alas, photographed on a terribly overcast day).

More details on both can be found on my project pages on Ravelry.

18 May 2010

Noć muzeja / Night of Museums

For this year's Night of Museums (also known as the Long Night of Museums) we found ourselves in Zrenjanin, where there were not as many events as in Novi Sad or Belgrade (or elsewhere in Europe, for that matter) but nevertheless, we enjoyed it a lot. What I like about the Night of Museums is the festive atmosphere, which, it is true, does not exactly contribute to one's ability to appreciate works of art at leasure, in peace and quiet generally found in museums in galleries, but it does stir some artistic activity in sleepy little towns such as Zrenjanin. And it draws people out. To see so many people go out in the cold and wind and driving rain just to go to the exhibitions was really good. Yes, many of them raced through the exhibitions as if only to put a tick on their list, without paying too much attention to the exhibits themselves, but these people would have never visited these places had it not been for the Night of Museums. Let's hope that at least some beauty brushed against them in the process.

We had two little kids with us so the choice of venues was limited. Among these, Zlatinka Kovačev's wool dolls were a definite highlight for me:

There were many more dolls, most of them mythological creatures, but it was crowded and we couldn't get decent photos. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find a page I could link to or any relevant information about the author.