31 July 2012

Blog Break

It's been 5 years, my blog and I deserve some time off. Thanks for reading and please stay tuned, we'll be back after the break. Meanwhile, stay well and enjoy life!

30 July 2012

Ručni rad i pecanje

U par navrata sam pisala o mogućnostima primene pecaroške opreme u ručnom radu. Evo još jednog posta na tu temu, o tome kako sam se opremila u prodavnici Formax u Novom Sadu.

Osim futrole za plovke podesive dužine, koja je kao stvorena za držanje ravnih igala

i brojača (tzv. klikera), koji se inače koristi za prebrojavanje riba u jatima, putnika u avionu, učenika na ekskurziji i sl, a zgodno dođe kao brojač redova,

tu su i kutije raznih veličina i podesivih pregrada po povoljnim cenama

kao i samolepljive oči raznih veličina koje mogu biti zgodne za izradu amigurumija i drugih igračaka.

Naravno, imaju i najlon (ili, kako to u nekim krajevima zovu, silk) raznih debljina i boja, potreban za izradu nakita, ali i mnogo toga drugog čija prava namena tek čeka da bude otkrivena :)

Prodavnica Formax se nalazi u Novom Sadu, Beogradski kej 13, a ljubazni prodavci će vam pružiti svu potrebnu pomoć.

03 January 2012

2011 in projects

It's that time of year again and everyone is posting about their New Year knitting resolutions. I'm not making any this year because last year's was a comlete failure. The only thing I did is knit some socks and some soft, warm gloves (come to think of it, too warm, considering the temperatures we've had so far this winter). I could blame it on life getting into way and bad things that happened in the family but I'm not going to do that. I'll keep these goals for next year, hoping it will be better than the last. And that's what I wish to all of you.

After 22 scarves in 2010, I managed to keep it under control and make only 8 in 2011!

This year's hit seem to have been mittens, 8 pairs altogether:

I'm also proud of my 5 sweaters/cardigans/vests (one of which is in child size, true!) but I'm not proud of the fact that I have photos of only 3 of them:

2011 also saw my first pair of socks, followed by two more, one for my husband and one more for myself:

Together with 2 hats, 2 phone cozies, a baby blankie and a table runner edging, it totals 30 projects. Not bad, considering what a difficult year it was.

I also contributed 9 squares to a collaborative project in Serbia group over on Ravelry, the result of which is a beautiful blanket (you can see it here).

Another collaborative project that began in 2011 is NS Needles' first knit-along. It started quite unexpectedly, one lazy evening over a glass of sangria, while pckristina and I were musing over possible projects for the yarns we got as presents from a friend.

13 November 2011

Not a cardigan but... well, a scarf, of course :)

In the previous post I said I only had half a sleeve to finish a cardigan. And I did finish it (at long last!) but you won't see any photos of it today because it is still in a sorry, unblocked state, waiting for its creator-cum-owner to find some time to wash it and block it and then find some more time to put it on and have it photographed by her husband-cum-personal photographer, who also has to find some free time to photograph it, preferably at the same time his wife has chosen to wear it and have it photographed. Which is going to be soon, I hope!

Meanwhile, another long-drawn-out project has finally been brought to an end. It's Wisp, a wonderfully delicate lace scarf, knit in amazingly soft Drops' Kid-Silk. A friend bought this yarn when she was in Manchester, UK but unfortunately, she bought only one skein. It was enough for a scarf but barely just so if you are planning to knit a Wisp in Kid-Silk, get two skeins.

30 October 2011

Images of autumn

I don't have much presentable knitting to show you. It's not that I haven't been knitting, it's just that it's all in different stages of unfinishedness and as such extremely resistant to photographing. Instead, I first give you some photos completely unrelated to knitting and then some fresh photos of old projects :) But please stay tuned, some new knitting is sure to follow, I only have half a sleeve to finish a cardigan :)

I really love autumn. Even with all the rain, and the cold, and this terrible wind that we have here, and the dreariness and everything. It has a certain charm, a certain poetic aura about it that gets me every year. And the colours, ah, the colours...

This year the beginning of October was so warm that you could  sit in the park in short sleeves.

But soon enough the windbreaks were up at the beach 

and the playgrounds were deserted.

And then finally it was cold enough to put on the February Lady Sweater I finished back in July (wool+alpaca at 40 degrees!), pack my camera and a willing photographer and head off for the river bank.

I paired it with two more projects that never had proper photos of them taken either: Travelling Woman shawl and Drops' 98-55 Bag with cable pattern in Eskimo

Aren't I lucky that autumn colours are in vogue at the moment? I had put on a pair of  Jaywalkers in matching colours too but we forgot to photograph them :(